May 2018

Page one ~ Pittsford Community Church “Refreshes” sanctuary, foyer and much more Page two ~ Mission Trip to Mexico from Oakfield-Alabama Baptist Church ~ Oakfield, NY Page three ~ Eastern Association Highlights: Folsomdale-Cowlesville,NY; Pineland-Burlington,ON; The Well-Getzville,NY; Temple-Cheektowaga,NY Page four ~ Guess Who & Where: New Pastor & Wife-Rev. Nicholas/Betty Murray of Immanuel-St. Catharines, ON I hope you are enjoying summer and looking forward to the 2018 NAB Triennial Conference July 26-29, 2018, in Edmonton Read More...

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Feb 2018

The NAB Eastern Association Pastors & Wives Retreat took place February 5-7, 2018, at the Embassy Suites Hotel overlooking The Niagara Falls, Ontario, “Horseshoe Falls” with Kent & Diane Carlson from the NAB International Office in Roseville, California. Here’s how Rev. Dana Goodnough, Senior Pastor of Pittsford Community Church, in Pittsford, NY, described it, “It was really an exceptional retreat with a stronger than usual attendance. Our times of fellowship at these retreats is always refreshing, especially since our association is so spread out ~ we see each other infrequently…Continue reading here: February......

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Feb 2017

Dr. Dana Goodnough reports: Thank you for following us in prayer on our recent ministry trip to Brazil. What a blessing! Monica and I thoroughly enjoyed the privilege of sharing God’s love & leadership with wonderful believers. My primary task was teaching a two-week course on Pastoral Ministry… Read More...

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Sep 2016

My bride Diane and I were privileged to go on an Educational Trip to Israel last month from July 1-17. We went with a group of 17 from Northeastern Seminary, led by Chris Kelley, in conjunction with Jerusalem University College in Israel. The trip was a Master’s level course called “The Historical and Geographical Settings of The Bible.” Our instructor from the college was a very bright and sharp young lady named Aubrey Taylor. On this “field study” course, we visited over 40 sites in Israel, Galilee and Jordan. Read More...

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Feb 2016

Some of the Eastern Association Highlights include the Pineland Baptist Church dedication of Elder Kevin Katzmann in Burlington, ON, and the first anniversary of Family Church @ The Shore (Fresh Start) plus the Pastors & Wives Retreat.  Read more below February Regional Rag...

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Dec 2015

JANUARY 2016 01 New Year’s Day ~ First Baptist Church-Holley, NY ~ Pastor Elder Joe/Janet Willis 03 Pittsford Community Church-Pittsford, NY, ~ SP Dr. Dana/Monica Goodnough: Adam Associate Pastor Dave Sanford + Assistant Pastor Chris/Becky Arcadi: Anna 10 Family Church @ the Shore-St. Catharines, ON, Pastor Rev. Aaron/Debbie LeGrow: Jon, Jordan Worship Director Trevor/Shelley  Fluri 17 Holiday Park Baptist-Pittsburgh, PA, with SP Jeff/Debbie Miller: Ashley, Josh, Nate, Rachel Outreach Pastor ~ Rev. Karl/LuAnn Pienarr 24 Potter’s House-Montreal, QC, with SP Rev. Edgar/Sandra Valenzuela: Nancy, Jeremy Associate Pastor Josue/Kenia Cano with children: Jeremy,......

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